Wednesday, November 14, 2012

SLW Catches Up

Hey guys! It's been so long! This is the first Wednesday in a month that I haven't been working and it's WONDEROUS.

Let's see... what are the HAPPS:

- I had a cat! Had being the functioning verb here. I don't have a cat anymore. I returned Winston to his foster home because it wasn't a good fit. I don't think I would have known that had I not tried. I'm glad that there were no hard feelings from the foster parents either. They're kind of the coolest people ever and I'm secretly hoping we'll be friends.

- I got commissioned to make another cheesecake! Whoa now! Whoa. Things are happening... Somebody get me some ham! (Liz Lemon.) Is using the word 'commissioned' okay in a food sense?

- I have not exactly felt like myself lately - a few things happened that really shook me and took my confidence way way down but I'm starting to make a comeback. Someone asked if I had a boyfriend because I was so chipper yesterday. I laughed for approximately 14 minutes and then responded, "No." Who needs a person to make them happy? Pfft. That's sooo not the SLW way.

- Pretty addicted to doing laundry. No lie. What is going on. Send help.

- My bike has become a very expensive, yet effective, bra drying receptacle. I'm starting to think I should sell it. : (

That is my life so far... laundry and cheesecake. I was a cat lady for 2 days until I realized I'm not a cat lady. I'm just a lady who enjoys the company of cats and then maybe I leave them at the house in which they live. I am going to start on this cheesecake with Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" which seems so appropriate seeing that winter is creeping it's icy fingers into town.

Also, on a random note, I'd like to get coffee and scones with all of you. Let's make that happen sometime in the next few months. As it turns out, I quite love you all.

Happy Wednesday


  1. Well DANG! I commented like 2 hours ago, but for whatever reason it didn't save :( Anyway, I totally "happy wednesday is right!" and a few other things. Mainly that I love your life, and also a big congratulations on landing another cheesecake gig! WHOO! (PS- commissioned totally works in a food sense!)

  2. Oh Winston. I wish it would have worked... but I think this is probably a sign that you should get a puppy.

    Also, if you're serious about selling your bra drying receptacle (not that I want you to) I know of a good home...



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