Tuesday, February 7, 2012

life according to my iPhone

Hi, how are you?

Do you ever find that the most daunting question? People ask me this and I feel like I need to come up with something grandiose like "Oh, I rock climbed the face of Mt. Rushmore this past weekend and I'm currently working on inventing an iPad that floats with you while you walk. What's up with you?"

Honestly, that's the reason I don't write. My in-between moments seem so ordinary. I don't have an inspiration or something cool to say, sometimes I just want to check in and be like "hey. whats up?" I think the in-between moments are pretty okay, too. I'll have to check in more often. I miss this space just to speak. I have to stop myself when comparing myself to other people or other blogs cuz I tend to close myself off at that point. Who cares if this blog is never popular? This is my outlet to say something, or nothing, as often as I like. I'm just glad you're here with me, reading from time to time; really I just want to make you smile today.

I'm learning to live with responding to "Hi, how are you?" with a sincere, "Awesome," and a smile, because I am just that.

This will be a growing year - I can just feel it. I've got some growing pains.

1. I had great nom/girl time with Kate a couple weeks ago. I lurve her. Like Celine Dion lurves everything in all her songs. Legit // 2. Milky tea. I am the only black person I know that puts milk in their tea like the english. Well, me and my family. We're so weird. Try it, though. Milk in black tea is DIVINE and so relaxing // 3. This was a wake up view. I love the light in my apt - makes me feel like I live by the sea // 4. Sunday morning sun. It was chilly with a hint of spring in the air. My iPhone camera blows me away sometimes // 5. I eat a salad everyday, lucky I love salads but I always admire the natural ombre of chopped lettuce. Also my mother's cutting board makes me long for butcher block counters in my future home // 6. Hey remember that one time I'm completely nerdy in real life? Also check that hair flower. Check it! // 7. This was me baking yesterday evening making Kate's birthday breakfast muffins. I still dream of the Night Owl Bakery - ask me about it. I'll tell you sometime! // 8. January, for all it's crazy weather, hit full force at the very end of the month with a crazy cold snap and pretty patterns on bathroom windows. 

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  1. 1. That looks delish. Berry french toast? Also, nom/girl time is the best thing ever. You should trademark that as a thing.

    5. UM feel free to write a "daily salad" post anytime you feel like it. Because I like the idea of salads, but I get so bored with the existing 3 in my repertoire.

    6. Your face = super cute. Your hair flower = also super cute.


  2. Omg so many good things happening here!

    / brunch was amazing and I love your face
    / butchers block counters?! *drool*
    / night owl bakery. needs. TO HAPPEN.
    / salad recipes!!! Do it!!!
    / and seriously, what did we even do before instagram?!

    Please write again soon even if it's just writing. We're always checking. I guarantee it.




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