Wednesday, April 22, 2009

in *two, three, four* and out *two, three, four*

I'm so done with cars right now. I'm building a time machine so I can go back to when buggies got stuck in mud ruts in the middle of the road and the worst maintenance cost for your horse was a new horseshoe and a good brushing.

Does it ever end? Maintenance? Problems? for real? i mean oil-changes mhmm it's like a check up but then your brakes go and your belts go and you need a coolant flush. it's like cars are old people! first your boobs go, then and you're chiseling extra notches into your belt cuz you're huge, then you need a colonoscopy after 50 cuz apparently you're just BACKED. UP.

I just... have never encountered as much car STUFF as i have this past month. Stickers, plate stickers, taxes, tune-ups, oil changes, brakes, engines, oil pans, SMOKE AND DISASTER. Down with cars ok down with cars. :0(

I guess my real problem is money. I know right cuz EVERYONE has money problems right now. EVERYONE. so i know i'm not alone I just don't like that my mom has to worry about it and I can't help like I should and all I wanna tell her is "trust God" but ya know sometimes you can't even hear that... but it's the truth. I just want to be completely worry free knowing God will take care of me. Work hard as hard as I can and seriously expect God to come through but when worry comes and fear comes (as in most cases follows) you just can't even hear or see through that haze of fear and worry. bah. it's super frustrating. So in my devotion time I am just... gonna pray and stand on the Word. and it won't be 'well dear Jesus please help' ya know? I'm gonna PRAY haha and then stand. standin's not so fun though.

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