Wednesday, April 29, 2009

every memory

1 year ago today I helped dedicate the yearbook. I canNOT believe it's already been a year. This Saturday is the 1 year anniversary of me graduating. I know right? FREAK OUT! It's a cool, scary, heart chilling feeling. Can't explain it. I'm so glad theres not an option to stay in college forever (sans DeJuan). Ya gotta move on... it's not even an option (again... sans DeJuan).

Who would have thought of all things YEARBOOK would be a huge defining moment in my life. haha it's like "you NERD!" but it was literally the BANE of my existence. Don't lie. Yearbook = bane. It literally drove me insane. It's like you're in labor WHILE you're pregnant for 9 months. You still get this fun product at the end but you also get horrible pains from conception on haha.

Anyway I hear this year's yearbook is fantastical and I'm super excited. I'm fairly sure we won't ever have craptastic yearbooks again.

Even though it's a year later I'm still at a shifty-shaky-non-place. I'm way better than I was in say, October, but I'm definitely still working on getting my life balanced. Does anyone remember those toys... the middle was a bouncy ball and the outsides you could stand and balance on? and you could like jump around on it or balance on it? it kinda looked like Saturn. That's what I feel like I've been on for the past 6 months. Balancing is always better when you have something to hold onto, to steady you - that would be Jesus... I know it'll take a little time and a lot of faith and patience... but AHH waiting suuuucks! haha

I'm at work watching middle aged women return everything they've ever purchased from Chico's catalogue to Chico's outlet. I feel like they do it on purpose so they can capture them inside their spider web of a store and EAT them... that is make them buy more product. Fairly sure that Chico's loses more money than they make daily. haha i just thought everyone would enjoy that tidbit of my working life.

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