Monday, February 9, 2009

intrigue and mischance

"Intrigue and Mischance" would be the title of my book if I were alive in the 1800's. Or "Felicity, Intrigue and Mischance" There would be a duel to the death, a ball and something to do with twinkling stars or foggy rolling meadows and what have you.

I've been on a Jane Austen kick lately (can ya tell much!?) I finally finished Pride & Prejudice (affectionately called P n P) and started reading Emma (between a couple other books) and last night I saw the conclusion of Sense and Sensibility on PBS Masterpiece (affectionately called MasterSpice). I might be the only 22 year old in the world that enjoys a) Jane Austen on a pretty regular basis and b) PBS Masterpiece... and I mean... I don't have dentures or anything. All my teeth are real. I don't knit afgans (sometimes a shawl). Or have a cat named Princess Pretty Poppet. Ok I took it too far - movin' on.

Anywho... I was just mullin' some stuff last night. Wouldn't it be CRAZY easier if people just fell in love? and got married? simple as pie? ya see the guy. "heyo you're cordial" "mmm yes yes hip hip indeed i am." "let us away, my love, forever in the distance on a cream colored horse named Abernathy" "yes yes... let's away" *kiss!* done! iiii mean Jane Austen clearly had a good formula. Of course there is mischief in the middle there maybe a little infidelity and seducing but it's real life so i guess that's... normal? It just seems so easy... when it's not real i guess. ah well.

The people I know make things way too complicated than they need to be. If there was a class called Love I'd pass it. If you could fit it on a standardized bubble test I'd be the star student. 99th percentile.
Do you love me? a. yes. b. no c. HECK no.
Let's get married? a. I do! b. I do not. c. Restraining order!
Ya like kids? a. yes. b. no. c. kids are baby goats right?]

Anyway. There was no point to this blog in reality. I'm not thinking about love anyway I just think it'd be easier if we lived in 19th century England near the ocean on a rocky precipice. With Jane Austen.

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