Monday, May 19, 2008


9 am - first day of work first day of work! :0)

updates forthcoming... stay tuned people of bloglandia...

its 2:35 and we're in the middle of quiet hours. yeah. we have quiet hours. the odd thing is we're not allowed to REALLY be loud all day... i don't... i don't know haha. But so far we have:

  • been introduced to Brian Allen and prayed over by him
  • had AMAZING pastries amazing. love love.
  • had french vanilla coffee - awesome.
  • working on the university life handbook (te.di.ous.)
  • and had pizza for lunch... courtesy of Brian Allen (i've already decided we are bff's. its a done deal)

I was really giggly for a while... you know me... but it subsided. I think it's gonna be so fun to work here. SO fun haha. more updates to come! afterthoughts and whatnot... yayyay.

3:19 - Brian Allen = hymns, conducting and chapel

3:59 - DONE! YAAAAY!!! whoohooooooo!! afterthoughts to come soon. i also have some ponderings on forgiveness...

10:38pm - hello world. work's over. it was a really good first day! i got through it all right and even made headway into the world of starting over. i also took some pizza for dinner haha. things are slowly getting better... patching up relationships with various people and still finding the courage to patch things up. its difficult. like a bunch of difficult. i hate that i don't really know what i did besides be associated with something horrible. i don't like apologizing for things over and over again. i've gotten way better at not saying sorry so much. i just want things to be better you know? its ok. this won't last forever. but i know that if i hate someone... i'm really only hating God... i can't love God and hate someone else thats scripture... so... disliking someone for reasons only YOU know and that don't make sense is completely pointless haha. It's best to let it go and save yourself... or you'll end up losing yourself. Forgiveness is tricksy but not as complicated as you think. 

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