Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Today was an oddly perfect day. Did you SEE outside today? It was like textbook "perfect weather" day in my book. Wispy clouds backed by a bright blue sky and a gentle breeze. It was something out of a novel... young adult fiction to be exact because that is what I'm currently obsessed with reading. Don't judge too hard - also blame John Green.

It turned out to be a Single Lady Wednesday where I actually got to hang out with a SINGLE LADY on a WEDNESDAY. Whaaaaaat?! My friend Maggie came down to visit for the day and (because I'm weird) I was very nervous/excited. There might have been pizza involved, orangey-pink colored drinks and... cookies and ice cream involved. I mean if we started braiding each other's hair and broke out the nail polish it would be all over.

It was a much needed good Wednesday.

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