Sunday, February 6, 2011

current status

this. is the current status of my face. please notice the super wide smile, raised eyebrows and tongue poking out between my teeth (just know that means i'm super happy). it's been stuck there for like... geez forever?! i won't tell you why... we'll just say i like smiling. smiling is my favorite. 

if you know me my disposition is naturally joyful. so it's not like this is anything exponentially GROUNDbreaking or anything but... it's just enough to be like, "Hey, Abby! You're super happy! and I think that's pretty cool!"

one day i'll totally have a point in posting things on here and you'll keep coming back to read these for a consistent reason but! for now... this is a post about my FACE. 

yooou love iiiit. 

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