Thursday, July 8, 2010

oh gosh

Being on phones at work tests every limit of patience you have. Somehow when someone is in front of you... you can gauge their anger and deal with it. On the phone it's like their alter ego to be EXTRA. HORRIBLE. Like today. This conversation will go down in my little history book because I retaliated a little bit. I'm not proud of it but... he asked for it.

dude: I was just on hold for 27 minutes for you to tell me you don't have it?
me: i know sir i'm so sorry! i appreciate you holding and apologize that we didn't have it.
dude: well! thanks for wasting my time...
SIMULTANEOUSLY dude: bye. me: you suck.


I couldn't resist. I'll do better tomorrow... when I'm on phones ALL. DAY. O.O...

anyway how is everyone? I haven't updated in foreverrrs! hope everyone's doing okay! : )

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