Wednesday, June 16, 2010

CHHOOOOCOLAAAATE! - spongebob squarepants

yep. that quote happens to be from Spongebob haha. I really do watch a lot of it... but I'm gonna go ahead and say it's made me smarter.

First of all - GUESS WHO RESERVED THEIR IPHOOOOOOOOOOONE!!!!! WHAT WHAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?! oh MAMA i'm excited. SO excited man.

Second of all - another Abi has a blog and she's giving away chocolate. Oh... 'scuse me CUSTOM chocolate. That like makes it 80 times BETTER.
photo from Vanilla and Lace
Especially since that chocolate would be so loved by me! I'm hoping I win! Oh... I suppose I should give the link to all 5 and a half of my readers so you can partake in the custom chocolate getting! - best of luck to you! Support the Abby's/Abi's/Abbey's in the arts! oh man... that sounds like my next blog header... Abby in the Arts haha riiiieeeeght?!

I'll post substantially very soon-like!

OOH! p.s.! Story time! A lady RUSHES into where I work yesterday heads STRAIGHT towards me (I've had bad experiences with rushing customers haha) and is about an INCH from my face. Let's go on the record and say I HATE people invading my personal bubble. It's a bad idea... I'm an impulse puncher... ANYWAY. She gets really close and goes, "This... has NOTHING to do with anything... but...... does my make-up look okay?!?!" yyyeah. the first words out of my mouth were,"...WHAT?!" She was black and was across the mall at Bare Escentuals getting a make-up assessment and needed someone of her skin color to confirm that it looked ok!!!! Never... in my whole life has anything like that happened! I mean I totally understand and gave her my honest opinion (foundation? yes. blush color? no.) and she happily exited my personal bubble and the store. It. was. INSANNNNE. and awesome at the same time hahaha. I thought everyone would enjoy hearing that story. OK BYE AGAIN.


  1. i totally just envisioned you, sitting at your computer, saying "haha riiieeeeght?!" out loud and it was wonderful.hahaha.

  2. hahaha great story :)
    oh and i clicked the link but wasn't sure what to do next...put your name in the comments?



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