Saturday, December 5, 2009

not even a little rogue

today ended up being pretty sucky. i went downtown to go to the Renegade Handmade Holiday Sale. I've only been waiting for it since September. Turns out a friend of mine couldn't go so I decided not to go. It's a LONG way to Wicker Park and trekking up there and back alone just... isn't as fun as going with someone. I also figured I could buy my Ork! Poster online - that was really all I wanted. So there that was.

I did my first errand, which was to get wool roving, which was AWESOME. The knitting part of the day was exceptionally awesome. I spent... well more than I wanted and I STILL didn't get everything I had originally in my hands. I found yarn, 1 skein of yarn, for 110 dollars! It was FANTASTIC. And it stayed there haha

So I desperately texted Anisha right before I left saying I hoped I would see her and walked on to Starbucks. I get there and wait like 45 minutes while not being able to reach her getting more and more down. Besides the knit shop everything was going to pot. Finally she calls and is like, "Oh I thought I told you I couldn't come..." That was when I completely just broke down. I couldn't even hold it in. There was some creepy girl starin' at me probably texting her friend that a girl is crying... jerk. I just gave up and started for the train.

Anisha, being the best friend that she is, came to my rescue. She had to work and was trying to get out of it but I guess I missed the part where she couldn't. I just... cryingly told her I "had to go and that today was horrible and I didn't know and I was going home." Just. Like. That. So I turn around - STILL CRYIN! - and go back to Starbucks... and pretty much just cried some more HAHA. Once the flood gates opened (IN PUBLIC) i just couldn't stop. Eventually I did and Anies made me feel better about the Day That Turned to Crap.

I think I'm just bad at planning things... so... now to stay indoors for a little while and recuperate my tear ducts.

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