Tuesday, December 1, 2009

handmade catch-up

I did all this cool adventuring and told you the high points only to completely forget that I have some fruits of that labor! The labor being... all the cool adventuring. Well in October (which seems so far away now) I went here:
pretty much. the coolest place ever. ya know besides Argo and most local yarn shops.
here are some FRUITS!
We got to make cutouts of styrofoam so you could layer paper on top of your paper. I made the bird and the moustache, in true Abbers form, and they were a hit! I love the ragged and curled edges of the paper. My favorite is the oatmeal bird on the vibrant green. The lighter color was made with newspaper and magazines - if you look close you'll see a tiiiiny clipping haha. It was a cool day. I'd really like to take their letterpress class. It sounds so awesome!

1 comment:

  1. I WANT TO TAKE LETTERPRESS CLASS TOO!!!!!!! i always miss the registrations or the class! :(



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