Friday, December 12, 2008

oh such a primadonna

So I haven't posted in a while I figure I should quickly. Not much is going on in my life. I keep applying in the hopes someone says, "Abby Mallett seems to have the perfect name to work here... And her qualifications aren't half bad either. Hire this fantastical girl on the spot."

I've watched Whitney's The Hills to the City about 80 times. At first it made me feel bad that girls my age come to L.A. with money and opportunities in hand and just get handed more opportunities. Then I became interested and watched it... 80 times.

I am knitting a shawl for a woman at church. She's my favorite. The shawl will be HUGE. It takes like the whole thing of yarn to knit one row

I am so bored though! I didn't know you needed money to NOT be bored! Not being bored requires gas! Not being bored requires train fare to tool around downtown and people watch at Argo tea! Not being bored requires money to EAT. BAH!

I watched Sweeny Todd finally last night... alone... in the dark. For someone who doesn't even like slightly creepy or suspensful movies I did pretty well! Did not anticipate the extra creepiness at the end but was not surprised either. I did enjoy the music SO MUCH... but i ended up having nightmares about Sweeny Todd and Tracey Morgan. Don't watch 30 Rock and Sweeny Todd apparently.

Well thats my lame life in a nutshell. It has its funny moments during the day but they don't translate so well a few days down the road in a blog. Here's a happy moment for you though:

Things I will buy... when I am employed!: - a pair of Uggs... why not? - dinner at Red Lobster. I quite prefer sea food to Olive Garden - a gym membership complete with trainer from Uzbekistan "YOU ARE LAZY! YOU LIFT MORE WEIGHTS!" - CD's preferably Ingrid Michaelson's newest.... ummm that's all i got! Help me think of more awesome things haha



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