Sunday, April 13, 2008

best days best days!

i just want to say that the past few days have been AMAZING. my show is coming along! the light... i see it... i went to the gospel choir concert and... it was just so awesome. to all who missed it? one word. unlucky. (like having a tall grandmother) i've been focusing i KNOCKED my pieces out of the park i finally finished A Bird's Song - a piece... that turned out kiiinda morbid! its ok. i know why... it was an emotional piece that started out like 'i'm sending you away' but ended up like 'i'm cutting you out of my life' soooo. end of that story. and i finished the Prudential Plaza AMEN finally and it looks good! SO! PTL amen lets move on to finishing advanced photo and graphic advertising II! aaaaawesome! ok!

i'm also going to Wildwood tomorrow and i'm really excited! also excited for Tuesday... and next tuesday... and this friday... and next thursday... and next next next saturday :0).

i feel like 60 times better! seriously! i cranked out pieces and adjusted them and... i just i'm more focused! its AWESOME! now that i'm not tired at all i need to go to bed for church in the morning! okay!... okaybyyye

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  1. So, when you write PTL you think "praise the Lord"....I think "Pedro the Lion"

    The end.



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