Wednesday, February 12, 2014

SLW: being an adult is weird.

I'm not sure when I'll qualify myself as an adult because I never feel like it EVER. I call my mom way too much - I mean she's like 1 of 7 people I actually enjoy so the rounds are small - and, probably just like everyone else, I feel like my life isn't TOGETHER. There really never is a point where you can put a flag in the ground and proclaim, "MY LIFE IS TOGETHER!" though I would totally love to for even a split second sometime in my life. *makes a mental note to buy a flag to put in the ground*

Sometimes I forget that gender equality is something to strive for and that Beyoncé exists because there are some things that I really want a GUY to do. Like... kill the roach the size of my foot or fix my car when it breaks. It happens in a minute, I suddenly have the vapors and wish I had a big strong MAN to take care of things. Of course I remember that Beyoncé DOES exist and I start singing "Independent Women pt. 1" and "Grown Woman" simultaneously and I feel better about my single hood. I think, more than anything, I hate feeling uncomfortable about things I'm not sure of. Yeah okay bugs scare me but I WILL kill them - just knowing they're alive means I will not SLUMBER or rest until that thing is VANQUISHED. Also I start talking like a person whose best friend is Shakespeare when I get righteous.

If we're being honest (and we always are), I still can't say the word "sex" without cringing/giggling/getting hot all over (but I mean I should be fine right?!). I had to tow my car and take it to a new mechanic today then came home and TOOK A NAP because that much action literally laid me low. Maybe eventually I'll meet a guy who understands the complex mystery that is exhaust pipes but I'm not gonna stop handling my own business - even if I have to lie down afterwards.

Because Beyoncé exists. hashtag//Yoncé 4eva.

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  1. I love this a bunch. It made me smile all over.
    I started dating my boyfriend when I was 28 but before that, I'd never had a big strong man in my life to take care of all of that ish for me. And now, a mere 2 years later, I find myself ignoring the trash can, hoping that he'll take it out. Or asking, "hon, could you screw in this lightbulb for me?" And when I recognize what I'm doing, I wince! Because I don't want to be that kind of girl! I'm not that kind of girl. I certainly wasn't for 28 years and I'm not going to let myself get to that place, now.
    All that to say, I don't know if you ever stop needing to actively channel your inner Beyonce. Maybe that happens when you're a real-life adult but I haven't hit that part yet, either. :)



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