Wednesday, December 14, 2011

D.I.Y not?

hey! i like long hiatuses between posting! with no information about what's going on in my life! no big! let it go! Okay but for real I've been in a deep creative rut. I have no one to talk about creative stuff with! Most of my friends have equally creative husbands to bounce ideas off of and while amazingly awesome for them, I've just kind of sunk into complacency. It isn't good and I'm not sure what to do about it. I really miss having creative conversations about... anything! anyways...

I was wrapping presents today, which is one of my very favorite things to do around Christmas, besides watching overdose amounts of White Christmas. I love making things pretty and nice and I always cut out brown paper bags to make the "to:/from:" tags because SERIOUSLY why would you buy them?! It always gives a nice handmade touch. Trader Joe's bags actually has cut out to/from tags, which got my brain a-chuggin - why can't I make my OWN to:/from: tags? Duh! Designer. Illustrator. Mouse. BRAIN! COME ON! I'll be printing these out on brown paper bags I'll cut down to letter size. I'm sore excited!!

I also love wrapping my presents with yarn and other bits I find around my house. Seriously. Who needs wrapping paper anymore?! If you make your own totally post them so I can see!

Also if any of you are free after the holidays just to chat over coffee? Please let me know! I gotta get out of this rut. It is sincerely cramping my STYLE.


  1. Gah! I love those gift tags. I would use them. Seriously. I understand your creative rut. I get it. I GET IT. Manuel is not creative, or artsy at all. He doesn't recognize half of the music I listen to so sometimes I find myself craving that creative talk. I have one friend at work who is just getting her feet wet at designing and is interested in art but can't really offer that full-on "let's talk about fonts and color palettes" that I get from other people.

    Seriously though. We need to do coffee. I am on Christmas break from school. My days off are Wednesdays and Thursdays.

    Also, I would like to take this opportunity to propose to you.

    Abby? Can I be your creative husband??!

  2. I LOVE the first to/from in a circle one! And of course the "you got a present, it's from me!" one! These are great. I'm always available for coffee! It would be fun to spin ideas off of eachother... Erick and I were just talking about how we both get in creative ruts all the time too, it comes in waves. All of a sudden (mike kohlman style) we just get inspiration out of the blue. I don't get it, and it's frustrating, but I think it's normal...

  3. You and me = long distance design romance??? (when we have time to respond to each other's emails, that is...)

    Mustache. Favorite. Duh.
    And the arrows, for sure.


    I just noticed your "whatcha readin?" sidebar... I'M READING TWILIGHT - 5 years later - RIGHT NOW, TOO!!!!!!!! TWINSIES!!!!!

  5. Hey Abby, I've just bloghopped and happened across your lovely blog. Those tags are awesome! I blogged recently about my wrapping paper, and I saw some amazing wrapping this morning on a friends blog too
    Hope you find some great, creative coffee dates. Kellie xx

  6. PS I'm now your newest follower! Kellie xx



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